Potpourri Sachets

These were a fun little hand sewing project, as well as my first stab at doing original embroidery designs. The first one I made for my own closet is full of lavender. I’ll probably do one additional one with a more simplistic design on it.

I need to stop being a lazy bum and use my real camera.
I need to stop being a lazy bum and use my real camera.

The color transition didn’t come out all that great, due to me not having the right colors. You can barely tell two of the purples apart, while the other is really different. I like how the bow came out though, the knot is my first successful attempt at making a french knot. The lavender is locally grown stuff that I picked up on a whim in the town where I work. I used almost a quarter of the jar to fill it up. At this rate I’ll have to buy some more.

I was going to make another lavender sachet for my husband’s closet, but upon smelling the first one and declaring he felt like he needed to sneeze, I figured I needed to try something else. He’s really fond of mint flavored candies, so I figured I would try that. I went and bought some peppermint tea to fill the sachet with and tried (unsuccessfully) to Google a decent peppermint plant image.

Definitely need to stop using my phone camera.
Definitely need to stop using my phone camera.

It doesn’t really look like a peppermint plant, since Google kept turning up pictures of straight Mint plants. I’ll have to take pictures of my Peppermint plant when it grows up a bit more. Not like it matters, since the sachet is currently buried under my husband’s socks, but I’m definitely going to do better next time. I think the satin embroidery came out looking rather nice though and I’m getting more comfortable hand sewing things from scratch. My husband likes the scent. I’m glad of that, especially since it took like a dozen teabags to fill the sachet.

They’re both about 6 inches tall and around 3 inches wide. I like this fabric for sachets, it gives it a delicate little backdrop, but isn’t too densely woven. It’s more cream colored than it appears here though, the light makes it look almost blue in the pictures.

If anyone wants the pattern, I’ll be glad to supply it. It’s nothing very groundbreaking though.

My next hand sewing project will probably be a wallet. Mine’s finally giving up to ghost and I’m not finding anything I like to replace it with.


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