Clothing Trends that Irritate Me

Notice that I say clothing trends rather than fashion trends, because a lot of these have to do with how clothes are made rather than style. Although some of these things definitely fall in the style category.

Not numbered or anything because I dislike these things in no particular order.

Seams reinforced with plastic.

As someone with sensitive skin, this is a deal breaker for me now. I first encountered this with a pair of black mock turtlenecks I bought to layer under things. They had plastic reinforcing the shoulder seams and the seams on the neck. It was torture. I eventually got rid of them both because of it. Now I have a beautiful dress I would wear all the time, except it has plastic reinforcing the seam around the waist. Layering stuff underneath it would be fine except the cut of the back and arms is weird, so I cannot hide straps to save my life. I have to use a sleeved shirt to layer or I can’t wear it. When I get my sewing machine running, ripping out that seam and removing the plastic will be one of my first major projects.

Built in slips that generate static instead of reducing it.

Modern designers seem to have no idea of what slips are actually for. They use it as an excuse to create extra layers, all the while ignoring the fact that static will be generated by the material they are choosing. I had to get rid of a really cute skirt because I couldn’t go two steps without crazy static cling from the slip. I had to wear not one, but two static reducing garments under it just to make it tolerable. The worst part was, the material the outer layer was made of? It didn’t create static of its own and didn’t need a slip to start with!

Useless pockets.

And not just on jeans. Useless pockets on jackets and shirts. Especially ones with zippers that rub against you. And pockets that are too small or weirdly placed and are real, but useless. I have a t-shirt like this, it has this tiny breast pocket that looks like Frodo’s little ring pocket from before he gets the chain to put the One Ring on. What am I going to carry in there? I don’t have a ring of power to deliver to a volcano!

Super limited color ranges.

It’s probably just me, but I swear for a few years there the only colors anything came in were black, coral, and seafoam green. I already wear black more often than I like and I look terrible in those other two colors. Other standards are of course navy blue and olive green. I look good in those, but can’t I get some color variety in my wardrobe? Of course, when designers do branch out they seem intent on pairing really contrasting colors together. That’s great on a canvas, but not so great on a person because skin color, hair color, and eye color contribute to the mix as well.

Recycling old fashions from different eras in the same season.

I’m all for recycling fashion, but can we agree on what era we’re going to recycle? Cardigans, flannel shirts and harem pants really don’t belong on the racks in the same season.

Dresses meant to be worn without bras, except you can’t.

The conundrum. The dress is clearly cut in a way that means your bra is going to show, perhaps in more than one way. So you need to forego wearing one to wear the dress. Except there is zero padding, the dress clings like mad, or there is a really uncomfortable seam/decoration right across the bust. I avoid this conundrum by not buying the stupid dress.

Sweaters made of 100% acrylic, so you will be cold.

I’m perfectly aware that wool is itchy. But, an 80% acrylic 20% wool blend is a perfect balance between warmth and not itching yourself to death. Merino wool blended with silk is heavenly. These all fashion, no warmth sweaters just need to stop.

Zippers where the zipper box/stop is replaced with a second zipper pull.

These are nearly impossible to put on. I’ve had to switch jackets because I was in a hurry and couldn’t get the darn thing to work. I have a jacket that I totally love and will be replacing the zipper on entirely to get away from this mess, because you can’t just replace the second zipper pull and end this nonsense.

Tiny hoods that are both dysfunctional and non-flattering.

It’s pretty much been a trend to put hoods on things since I was born. That’s fine. The problem is that designers don’t seem to understand that 1) some people actually live where it rains and need a hood that cover their entire head and 2) very few people look good in small, face hugging hoods. Saoirse Ronan? She has a gorgeous, slender face that looks great in a tight little hood. Most people don’t. Most people look far better in large, billowy, fantasy epic style hoods. Larger hoods also let you wear a hat or have a cool up-do underneath them. Small hoods are limiting at best and irritatingly useless and ugly at worst.

Jackets that are made of nothing but hideously colored faux fur.

Seriously, it takes all of the worst aspects of fur coats (blockiness, ugly colors, gross seams) while leaving out all the good aspects (warmth, softness, opulence). All really bad faux fur products do is make real fur products seem more desirable, which is the opposite of what they’re supposed to do. The same goes with pleather. All that squeaky, miserable stuff does is make me long for real leather. I swear that the inventors of faux fur just went, “okay, it looks like fur, we’re done!” and never revisited the project to make it feel nice. Oh, and don’t come into my comments saying “There’s faux fur that feels nice”. That’s not faux fur, it’s raccoon dog fur labelled as faux.

Itchy tags that are not just sewn into the seam, but are in the surge too.

So you can’t take them out with risking destroying the clothing item. So you just have to compromise and trim the tag as close to the seam as you can manage and hope you don’t nip any of the threads. I also find it interesting that mid to high level brands are the worst offenders here. Cheap clothes you can buy new for $5 just have all the tag info printed directly onto the inside of the garment. Sure, it wears out, but by the time that happens you already know how to wash that particular garment. Besides, most such garments don’t have special washing instructions to begin with.

I’m sure I’ll end up doing a follow-up post with more things that irritate me, but this already 11 things so I’m going to wrap it up. Besides, too much negativity is bad for you. The subtitle to this post ought to be, “Why I’m Going to Start Making My Own Clothes”, but the truth of the matter is I’m probably going to be doing more modifying than making from scratch.

Anyhow, what trends do you hate? What makes you put clothes back on the rack after trying them on?


2 thoughts on “Clothing Trends that Irritate Me

  1. let tge anger out! πŸ™‚ I feel your frustration. And understand others you have but I have fortunitly not experienced. I personally do not like plasticy feeling materials, regardles how good it looks on me. (Except for a rain jacket, very essential in melbourne). One trend I did not like and still don’t are the 90s early 00s sports logo branding on everything. That is all. Have a nice day!


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