In one of those turns of events I’m more than a little fashionably late in making what could be termed “New Year’s Resolutions”, but life has its way of turning itself upside down and more or less forcing a new perspective on you sometimes. After weeks of running around, dealing with unusual quantities of snow, a sick horse, and seemingly promising interviews that ended up being wastes of gas and time, I’ve had time to think about what I actually want to do.

With traditional paths seemingly closed at this point and several pieces of advice being spouted by completely independent sources, I have fashioned a few goals for this year.

  • Six pages worth of writing daily. Doesn’t have to be all on the same creative work, but six pages a day.
  • Blog posts six days a week, which day I will take off is yet to be determined.
  • Daily Instagram posts, easiest way to motivate myself  to take one photo a day.
  • De-clutter our home and do better work in the garden, such as it is.
  • Self-publish at least my novel this year, preferably my short story collection as well.

Those are the goals. It may take me a while to get into the groove of each of the daily items, but as long as I achieve them within the next few months and maintain that, I will say it’s good enough. The general idea is to create a routine and practice some self-discipline. If I should be lucky enough to acquire a day job on top of it, hopefully I will have made enough of a routine out of it that the day job won’t hinder me in my pursuits.


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