Accountability Partners, Not Just for Addicts

Today, my best friend came for a visit. After some initial catching up I started filling her in on my goals, the plot of my novel, the plot of my spinoff novel, characters, etc. We talked and laughed a great deal about the potentials of some of my ideas, the possible comedic spinoffs. Because, for whatever reason, while my novel was intended to be just as serious as any fantasy novel, it has not maintained its seriousness. Not to say it is a comedy through and through, at least not in the sense we think of them now. It just has a sort of consistently amusing something about it.

It was really great to have her come over and just be able to talk and get myself pumped about my writing, especially the first novel. (Which, she kept telling me as I talked about followups “You have to finish the first one, Allason!”) She decided to go above and beyond though, and agreed to be my accountability partner. So, she’ll check in and make sure I’m doing my daily writing and make bizarre, joking threats about what she’ll do if I don’t. The standing threat is that she’ll steal a random item from my house for every day I don’t make my goal, and will only give them back when I publish the novel. She also said that when I get rich and famous, we’ll meet up in my mansion and eat cocktail shrimp out of wine glasses (neither of us drink is the joke).

I’ve agreed to dedicate each of my books to her, or at least the ones she helps me stay motivated to write.


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