Six Pages a Day

At the beginning of this week, writing six pages a day seemed an insurmountable goal. I wrote only one page last Saturday. I got three written on Sunday. I got my first six pages done on Monday, but felt rather manic afterwards, like I had frantically run a marathon or something. I fell back and only got four and a quarter pages written on Tuesday, because I started too late and midnight found me still writing. I got six pages done again on Wednesday and everyday since then, slowly getting faster each day. I’m now averaging three pages per hour.

I’m not writing only on my novel, I need to take breaks from it and work on other things. Tonight I worked exclusively on a short story for my collection.

Still, I’m surprised at my rapid progress from 0 pages a day to not just six pages a day, but six pages in only two hours. That’s faster than I used to write my essays in college, and back then I was writing double spaced pages. But as they say, the brain is a muscle and just like any muscle, it gets stronger every time you work it out.

As a side note, I don’t know why, but six pages a day is a lot less stressful than aiming for a specific word count for each day.


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