Discipline and Stuff Finally Taking Off

I’ve noticed since I started making sure I was writing six pages a day, I’ve been much more productive overall. I cleaned out several bags worth of junk, have been doing lots of knitting and cooking, and generally kept on top of chores better since I have been achieving my daily goal. My husband has also been inspired and has been trying to do at least one drawing every day, which I’m glad to see.

Also, some exciting news for me. Context first: I have two major styles of artwork, serious oil painting and silly little sketches of cartoon animals. I’ve been told by those in the know that I need to pick one and stick with it. Well, never one to go along with anything I don’t want to do, I’ve ignored that advice. My choice seems to have suddenly borne fruit. A local bakery where my friend is manager has been occasionally letting me display my artwork. The owner has decided he likes my oil paintings and there’s been a lot of chatter from the customers about how good it is. My friend has suggested that I make some smaller, more accessibly priced paintings and hang them up in December. She’s pretty sure I’d get some sales.

This freed me up to offer my cartoon animals to the local Emporium that’s opening downtown in a few days. I won’t have everything ready in time for the grand opening, but the person running it likes the idea of offering them for sale. They’re smaller, can be priced cheaply, and to top it off can be sold out of a card display instead of hung up on the walls. This makes them perfect candidates for easy sales, even in a small town like this one.

So, between the two, hopefully I can start finally getting some income from my artwork.


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