Busy Day!

It turned out to be a heck of a day.

I got up early and was thinking about running errands before my daily trip up the hill to take care of Maya, but then I got an invitation to interview for a job I applied for literally yesterday. I could come anytime between 10 and 3, so I just went straight out there and interviewed. A great fit for my schedule, just morning hours. On the way back all the traffic lights were out. It turned out the power went out and I was home for about five minutes before it went out again. So we could only run one errand because the power was out in all of our in-town stops. So we went home, the power popped back on and has since stayed on. I went up the hill, got back and then we finally did our errands. We got home and I got to work on putting all my cute pictures in plastic sleeves for sale, when I got a call. They decided to offer me the job and I accepted, so unless something goes wrong between now and Monday, I’m no longer unemployed.

It seems like everything is coming together all at once. I’ve got someone wanting to sell my work, I’m consistently getting my writing done, and it looks like I’m going to have a job that is going to work well with what I want to do.


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