Horse-sitting Adventures: Handling Untrained Foals

Time for another adventure in horse sitting. This time from the early days of a trouble-making foal who has grown up to be a too-smart-for-her-own-good trouble-making horse.

This is how not to handle an untrained foal. An untrained foal that isn’t that attached to her mother. Do not just expect her to follow her mother into the barn and certainly don’t expect her to follow her into the stall. When she inevitably does not, do not try and chase her into it, she will simply run around the barn while you regret your mistake and worry she’ll kill herself tripping over something. Definitely don’t release the mother in her stall and go and try to help your daughter chase the foal into the stall. The mother will just casually leave her stall and go start grazing outside. When her baby comes careening back out of the barn you will be left with two loose horses instead of one. If you have made all these mistakes, do catch the mother again and tie her up in her stall (like you should have done the first time), close the barn door and between the two of you funnel the foal into the stall. Do shut the door and latch the stall behind you, then release the mare and mutter under your breath about why people breed horses anyway.


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