It Can Be Easy to Forget

How much you have when you get used to having it.

I’ve owned my horse for almost four years now and I rode her for someone else for several years before that. She’s turning 18 this year and has mellowed out quite a bit, though is still as smart as she ever was. In most cases I don’t really stop and think about how much of a treasure it is to have a calm, reliable horse that you’ve known for a long time. Today I went up to take care of her and it was all a very relaxed process. When I first got there she “told” me that her water was empty (it had gotten low and she had dumped it, because she hates dirty water). I gave her a bit of water while I cleaned her stall and afterwards I dumped it out and refilled it completely. She’s stuck in the stall because of the weather and so I needed to make sure her feet were clean. She just kinda rolls with whatever I do now because she knows me well enough to know I’m not going to endanger her. Instead of dragging her out to the cross-ties or even tying her in her stall I just picked her feet out in her stall.  That may not seem all that amazing, but it just showed her trust in me and how she doesn’t mind changes in routine.

It was just really refreshing to be able to calmly do my work and take care of her with no hysterics or drama. Made me really appreciate her.


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