The Strawberry Window?

So what’s up with the name of my blog? I’ll tell you what it is about, and why it is important to me.

The Strawberry Window is a short story written by Ray Bradbury, my favorite author. The story is about a family of colonists on Mars. Things are going well, but the wife is very homesick for Earth. To help her feel more at home, the husband sends away to Earth for the front door from their old home. In their old door is a window, a strawberry colored window. He also sends away for other parts of their old home, but this is the first step in making their new house feel like a home.

A lot of what this blog will be focusing on will be related to making a house feel more like a home, but my reasoning behind selecting this name is deeper than that. I struggle greatly with the idea that art doesn’t have any real intrinsic worth, that it serves no real purpose. This story flies in the face of that. The strawberry colored window is valuable, not because of its function as a window, but because it is beautiful, comforting, and familiar. That helps me remember that if my artwork brings a smile to someone’s face, it is valuable, even if it serves no other purpose.

There is a very long tradition of the residences of humans being decorated in one way or another. Enjoying art and wanting to decorate our homes is part of what makes us human. The Strawberry Window helps me to remember that as well.


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